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It’s official.

I am a business man.

With this $70 filing fee, For The Win Racing, LLC, is registered with the state of Utah and we are accepting registrations for the FrontRunner Century.

I’d kindly like to ask you to register. April 9 at the Salt Lake City Intermodal Hub.

Be there … unless you’re somewhere else.



A new year deserves a new start.

So I started by shaving my legs.



Not sure why my wife seems to prefer the hairy version.


That’s me. One of the hefty racers.

I close out 2010 at 202.6 pounds.

It’s a sure sign of my training and nutrition deficiencies over the past six months.

If I were register for a triathlon or running race today I would be eligible for the clydesdale division — not exactly the division I want to be in.

At 6-foot-4, 200 pounds is far from being chubby or fat. But as a wannabe competitive triathlete, runner and cyclist it puts me at a pretty significant disadvantage. It’s pretty hard to go uphill at 200 pounds and try to keep the 150 pound dudes within sight.

New Year’s Eve is supposedly the time for resolutions and goal setting. I’m not going to go there this time.

I’ve made a nasty habit of making goals or announcing plans and not following up on them.

Instead, I just want to say I’m not going to look at a 200-plus number for much longer — even though I might actually step on a podium this way.


It’s 2:30 a.m. right now and outside the wind is howling, the snow falling and I’m thinking.

I’ve spent far too many nights like this over the past six months … alone, awake, thinking, contemplating, wondering, wishing and not sleeping.

Not sure why.

Well, maybe I have a few ideas. That tends to happen with you spend numerous nights knowing you should be asleep unable to drift back into dreamland.

Prepare to read, if you’re really that interested, the long — really long — self-reflective, self-absorbed and selfish ramblings of how I got from there to here and why, I think, I’ve been kind of depressed over these months.

I find myself in a place I don’t completely like to be or want to be. Read the rest of this page »


It’s a wonderful bicycle building material … until you fall down and go boom.

Then it kind of sucks.

Tuesday, trying to sneak in some December 14 miles while also doing some recon on a course for a century ride, I found myself riding up Redwood Road in northern Salt Lake City when the Jordan River Parkway trail comes very close to the road — 10 feet close, in fact.

So I did a little hike-a-bike from the road and while lifting the bike over some big rocks placed to prevent motorized vehicles from doing the exact thing I was doing, I slipped in some mud. I fell and landed with the bike between me and one of the big rocks.

Apparently, my bike didn’t like the rock and the carbon frame is now a lot less stable and safe than it used to be.

Saddened, I continued on my ride — I had to get home, after all — and finished up 30 miles along the Legacy Parkway Trail all the way to Farmington and back. While riding, I followed the trail as far south as it goes.

That would be the Davis/Salt Lake County lines where, unfortunately, the trail comes to an abrupt end.

Which is a pity. The trail is such a wonderful resource for cyclists. Recreational cyclists, commuters and even training competitive cyclists should be able to ride the Jordan Parkway all the way from Provo to Farmington, but there are odd stretches of a mile or so here and there that are not complete. I’ve been told the stretch from the Davis County line to the Rose Park Golf Course (only about two miles) will be completed in the spring.

Which is good news. I’m looking forward to a few long rides from Murray to Farmington this summer.

First Ironman

I found this little video and my wife immediately laughed at me.

At least I’m not a total newb. Or this guy.

My Tuesday ride

My Tuesday ride.

About 37 miles with about 2,000 feet of vertical in the frosty December air. Headed out to Herriman via Daybreak and then a return home.

Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

The picture is a view from the ridge above Herriman overlooking Blackridge Reservoir and north into the Salt Lake Valley.