Yet another blog from some random dude training for Ironman and beyond

About I ride, I write

I’m a poser. I’m neither a great writer nor a great rider.

In fact, I just might be Utah’s worst Cat 4 cyclist — and that’s saying something.

I’m mediocre in every sense of the word as a cyclist. I’m neither a bike geek nor a bike expert. I just love riding my bike, the sport of cycling and trying to pretend I’m a bike racer.

That said … Welcome to my nifty little blog. It’s almost as good as my bike racing — which, as I mentioned, is not very good at all. Hope you like it enough to post comments, tips, thoughts or insults.

I am a wannabe bike racer and sports journalist in Utah on a journey from Cat 5 also-ran to, hopefully, a contender on the local racing circuit. Oh, yeah. I write about sports of all sorts here and there, too. On this blog, I’ll comment on bike riding, bike writing, triathlons, sports that don’t involve two wheels, my work life, my family, getting old with four kids driving me to the saddle for a sanity break, idiots I encounter along the way and whatever else tweeks my noggin. It’s pretty much a random-thoughts blog heavy on bike stuff, bike news and my increasing addiction to cardiosports.

I’m the father of the four cutest kids in the world. My kids are, no matter what your anyone tells you, cuter than your kids. Deal with it.

I also happen to be married to the most awesomest, beautifulest and sweetest wife in the world. Again, it’s the truth. Sorry to burst any bubbles out there.

In short, we rock.

I can be reached via email at

Again, thanks for stopping by.