Yet another blog from some random dude training for Ironman and beyond


They call the time trial the Race of Truth.

It’s just you against the clock. No team tactics, no drafting, no sitting in.

Just you, your bike and the road.

With that in mind, the truth is I’m not nearly as fast as I used to be or want to be.

Last night I hit the Saltair Time Trial series and we got to race the long course — approximately 20k of flat road.

My legs felt OK at the beginning, but I knew quickly they were a little beat and the fitness wasn’t there. Maybe the trip up Butterfield the day before took a little too much out of me. Or, maybe, I’m just not on top of my game and struggling to throw it down because I’m doing an awful lot of running and swimming and not enough cycling — especially not Zone 5 cycling.

Whatever the case, I was hurting for sure and finished with a less-than-awesome 26:10 time. That was good for only sixth out of eight in the C Flight.

The time and placing was the bad news. The good news is my little mental game was a win. I keep score with the number of people who pass me and the number of people I pass.

To no surprise, my 30-second man — Curtis Doman — flew past me at about 4k into the race. I held off my 60-second man — pro triathlete Dantley Young — until about 12k and that was it. No shame in getting passed by those two guys. In the process, I passed four people — two of them adults! — to give myself a score of Plus 2 for the race.


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