Yet another blog from some random dude training for Ironman and beyond


So I downloaded the file from my Garmin after Saturday’s ride around the Veyo Loop.

I though it looked funky on the display and now I know … it’s screwy.

According to my Garmin 705, I pedaled for only 43 miles at a sluggish pace of 11.5 miles per hour. My max speed was just 30.9 according to Garmin despite tripping one of those “Your Speed Is” signs at 42 miles per hour descending Snow Canyon. Another indicator it’s screwy? I didn’t ride with a heart rate monitor or a cadence monitor but got readings for both.

So I plugged the route into and got a more accurate, I hope, picture of my ride. 55 miles for an average of 15.7 miles per hour.

Methinks it might be time to replace the Garmin … or at least get it’s GPS software updated.


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