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Short lesson in why I like living where I do.

Here’s the Jordan River Parkway as maintained by West Jordan City on Monday morning.

And here is the Jordan River Parkway as maintained by Murray 20 seconds later on Monday morning after I was forced to turn around on my run.

Same trail, just a couple of blocks apart.

Murray’s Parks and Recreation Department has plows on the trail just about every day there is snow on it. They make it a safe place to run, walk or ride a bike — even in winter.

West Jordan, however, ignores the trail, making it a dangerous and unwelcoming place to run, walk or bike — even in summer when there are big weeds and thorn bushes encroaching onto the path.

As a result, the Murray section of the Jordan River Parkway has a lot of visitors throughout the year. Several parks and even some short, but sweet sections of single track — not to mention a large and impressive Nature Center with wetlands and a fare share of wildlife — can be found along the 4-5 miles of path. West Jordan’s section of the trail has a couple of parking lots and a couple of picnic tables. But not much in the way of users except for those runners and cyclists hoping to extend their route a few extra miles.

I can, and have, used the parkway many times for training as well as some quality father-son or daddy-daughter time.

Murray … I love you.


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