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Is this really November?

Wow, it’s nice outside. Too nice to not be outside, in fact.

So I went for a ride.

It wasn’t a monster hard ride or a super long ride. Just 23 miles of casual rolling along Emigration Canyon with detours up Emigration Oaks and Pinecrest before hitting Little Mountain.

My head has been swimming with thoughts lately and this was a wonderful opportunity to think. I rode up and down the estimated 2,400 feet of climbing in the granny gear and never worried about pushing the big ring. This was about enjoying the ride, not training.

I saw dozens of other cyclists out on the road and the only one I passed was a nice older lady from out of town climbing Litttle Mountain. She said she was surprised how much climbing she had to do and I told her to be glad she wasn’t hitting Big Mountain and she laughed.

Having recently parted ways with the Prince, I put the wheels on the trusty old Trek and had a nice reunion. I really like that bike.

The weather should hold out for another few days, so I think I’ll go for another ride or two while the riding is good.

After all, it might be March before we see temps in the 60 again.



One response

  1. sunsetreflector

    Quite fat, but not bad.

    December 4, 2010 at 6:21 am

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