Yet another blog from some random dude training for Ironman and beyond

The next challenge

My strange summer and fall continue to be strange.

That job I took a month ago never felt like the right fit. So, late last week, it became my latest former job. My boss and I recognized the square peg and round hole situation and, and after both of us expressing frustrations a few times, we decided it was in our best interests to amicably part ways.

So, I have decided to be ‘self employed’ for the time being and to be very patient while looking for the next big thing. I want it to be right for me, right for my next employer and right for my family.

With that in mind, I am devoting my personal energy to two things — a new small business venture a friend and I have discussed for months and actually training for races. I’ll also keep myself busy with occasional freelance writing opportunities as they present themselves to me.

A big part of my strange summer and fall was a mental block I had when it came to training. I hope to be past that now and, with 38 weeks to prepare, I signed up for the Vineman Triathlon.

It appears to be the perfect 140.6 triahlon for me in most ways. It’s not a huge climbing race, it is exceptionally well organized, it is about half the price of a WTC Ironman event, it is held on a Saturday — I try hard to not race or train on Sundays — and it’s not terribly far away in the Sonoma area of northern California.

Race day is 38 weeks away and I have, coincidentally, found a 38-week 140.6 training program that should take me right up to the event. I won’t be able to follow it to an exact degree — I’ll race a lot of weekends until Vineman arrives and have to take a day off here or there — but it will be my guide for the next several months as I train.

As for that small business venture, it will include bikes, trains and hopefully about 1,000 people two or three times a year. More details coming as they get solidified.


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