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Labor Day ride derailed

I had big plans for a nice long ride on Labor Day. I wasn’t worried about any taper-week problems with LOTOJA just a few days away. I’m ‘racing’ LOTOJA to finish it and enjoy it. And that’s about it. As long as I finish I’ll be happy.

So after I helped the kids finish their first-ever triathlon, I loaded up the cyclocross bike with great intentions to ride from Bountiful to the Francis Peak radar domes — a hefty 21-mile climb with about 5,000 feet of vertical. But just as I hit the freeway on my way to the start my riding partner called to cancel because of another family obligation.

So I flipped around — I figured a solo rode on that remote of a road wasn’t a smart idea — and had a nice lunch at home. Then I hit the trails closer to home.

Specifically, a lot closer to home — as in two or three blocks from home.

The Jordan River Parkway has a relatively new section of trails developed. Lots of single track along the river with some dirt road mixed in to keep you busy.

It’s screaming to be turned into a cyclocross race course.

Anyhow, I went for a short but sweet ride and only crashed once — hit a patch if sand on a sharp corner at about three miles per hour and came to an abrupt stop and enjoyed an endo. Seriously, I enjoyed it. Got up laughing, smiling and thrilled to have a face full of dirt.

I pedaled around for 10 or 11 miles just repeating what seemed like endless loops around the parkway without seeing much of the same track more than once.

There were little climbs, sharp turns, stumps to jump, bridges over small streams and all within ear shot of the river.

If you have a spare hour or two and don’t want to drive all the way to the mountains or if you find yourself in the middle of the valley, I highly recommend stopping at 5400 South on the Parkway trail system, pointing the bike north and just letting it go for a little while. Just to the west of Germania Park is where all the single track is being developed. It’s not huge, it’s not fancy, there’s not a lot of climbing, but it was a very welcome diversion after my original ride got derailed.


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