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On the bright side, it was a PR

Saturday I ‘raced’ the Porcupine Hill Climb.

I threw the quote marks around that because I was off the back by the time we passed the park-and-ride lot … as I expected.

I’m not a climbing expert and I had no intentions of time trialing myself up that 14.7 mile road to Brighton. I wanted to ride hard, but I mostly wanted to ride at a comfortable pace and get some good uphill miles in as part of a longer training ride. And since it was the club-sponsored race, I plunked down my donation to the cause.

I’d only climbed Big Cottonwood Canyon twice before and didn’t time myself either time. So this was my first timed climb up that road and I crossed the line at 1 hour and 34 minutes.

Hardly a blazing fast time — in fact, it was good enough for DFL in the Cat 4 field — but it’s my new benchmark and I’m pretty sure I’ll beat that standard the next time I do it.

Another plus: I got a $1 handup from the gilly-suited Sly Fox.


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