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Call me a fool

At 6-foot-4 and 195 pounds I do not have the physique typically associated with a climber.

In fact, I suck going uphill.

So what was I thinking late last night when I saw the registration deadline for the Porcupine Hill Climb and thought, ‘What the heck? I need a long ride that day anyway with plenty of climbing. Why not throw in a race up Big Cottonwood Canyon as part of that ride?’

And then I clicked the register button and signed myself up for the Cat 4 division of the race.

14.7 miles with almost 4,000 feet of vertical is nothing I can’t handle, right?

Especially when it’s just the first leg of what I hope will be a nice five hour day in the saddle as I ramp up the long-distance training for LOTOJA — which is only nine weeks away.

When I consider those physical attributes mentioned above, I’ve hesitated in the past to sign up for races that involve climbing — especially races that involve nothing but climbing, and I’ve NEVER signed up for the Porcupine Hill Climb even though it’s my club ride. I have done the City Creek Bike Sprint twice and even the Climber’s Trophy twice — but that was when I was new to cycling and didn’t fully understand how the law of gravity worked against me.

So, this will be a first for me. My first ‘race’ up a big canyon.

I have one simple goal: Second to last or better.


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